Ruesch Reels Video Library

The Ruesch Reels provides timely information for GI cancer patients and clinicians on a wide range of topics.  From new and emerging therapies to managing treatment side effects to how patients and caregivers can navigate the cancer journey, this unique resource is a valuable tool to affect patient outcomes.  These short videos are regularly updated and we welcome your ideas for new topics.


For Medical Professionals

These videos were created to explain what treatment to give, why to give that treatment and how to administer the treatments for patients diagnosed with a GI cancer


For Patients & Caregivers

These videos were created to provide education and information to patients, caregivers and the public about managing life with a GI cancer


Disclaimer: These videos are produced and broadcast by the Ruesch Center for the Cure of GI Cancers solely for educational purposes. The information included in it is not intended to replace the advice and recommendations of your healthcare team. Medicine is an ever-changing field; the dose and method of administration for any administered drug should be confirmed before use. These videos are not intended to recommend any measures, techniques, procedures or products, or give advice, and is not a substitute for medical training or your own clinical judgment as a healthcare professional.