GI Cancer Alliance Network (GI CAN)

Founding Principle:

Large scale prospective molecular profiling of GI cancers will transform the standard of care through the rapid discovery of more efficacious, more cost effective cancer treatments.

Background and Goals:

Leaders from academic medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and molecular profiling organizations have formed GI CAN to develop “smart” centers for cancer care and research in the US and around the world (see Appendix A for our Founding Partners). Recognizing that education and high-quality lab services are fundamental to standardization, each patient will undergo molecular profiling of their tumor using validated standardized assays, and follow-up for all patients will be according to a standardized global protocol. Treatment will be a dynamic process that moves beyond efficiency to high-value, affordable care. Designed to respect local cultures, GI CAN will bring treatment to communities and countries that help build knowledge through clinical trials but do not yet benefit from the new science. Our goals are to:

  1. Emphasize molecular profiling and therapy enrichment to deliver consistent, state of the art treatment. 
  2. Use data from all patients to improve treatment and develop cures for GI cancers. 
  3. Advocate for streamlined global regulatory guidelines and approvals. 
  4. Develop a global molecular oncology program to educate and set standards in this emerging field.


Develop a global alliance of “Smart” Cancer Centers to expand global cancer care, respecting local cultures while providing the highest medical standards.

  • Secondary Goals:
  1. Rapid discovery of more efficacious, more cost effective cancer treatments
  2. Increased access to underserved populations/ Expand markets
  3. Creation of a Molecular Oncology Training Program