Community Outreach

We must re-double our efforts as we are facing major health care reform at exactly the time we are realizing major changes in cancer medicine. At the same time, insurance providers are limiting access to cancer medicines outside of strict regulatory approvals, which continue to be based on the outdated “trial and error” approach.

The charge of the Otto Ruesch Center for the Cure of GI Cancers Policy Board is to identify and lower the barriers ahead. Chief among these are regulatory drug approval standards, clinical trial designs, and societal expectations. The work will be challenging requiring input from the pharmaceutical industry, the insurance industry, the FDA, clinical scientists, cancer advocacy groups, with bio-ethical support. But the rewards are almost indescribable as we re-focus our nation and the world back to the original charge of curing cancer.

We have already shown that together we can cure some cancers. Our continued efforts coupled to our improved technologies will succeed in curing the deadly, common cancers of the GI tract.