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    Advances in GI Cancer Care: The Concept and Reality of Precision Medicine

    To educate viewers on how the study of gene mutations and the use of molecular testing may be used to personalize care for patients with a GI cancer, CURE Connections® discusses the concept of precision medicine with Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD, Kennedy Cliffe and Emily Pomeranz.

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    Navigating a Colon Cancer Journey

    Dr. John Marshall, Dr. Mohammed Bayasi, and patient, Jody Olsen, provide advice to help others prepare for important medical appointments with healthcare professionals, discuss what to expect before and after surgery, and remark on the value of support that different members of a patient’s care team (eg, health care professionals, family members, and the caregiver) can offer to patients when dealing with colon cancer.

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    Liver Cancer: What's On the Horizon?

    In this CURE Connections® program, patients Art Srisuwan and Gene McMillan, and their wives (caregivers), discuss their diagnoses with liver cancer and their paths through treatment. Dr Ruth He and Dr Anthony El-Khoueiry identify the most commonly used treatments for liver cancer, describe how each option works, and remark on breakthroughs in cancer research and their potential in improving outcomes in fighting the disease.

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    Promise in Pancreatic Cancer

    CURE Connections interviews a stage IV pancreatic cancer patient, Phillip Hay, to learn more about his reaction to cancer and his approach to moving forward. Vincent Picozzi Jr., MD and Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD explain how pancreatic cancer is diagnosed and managed and highlight advances in treatment; and Lynn Matrisian, PhD, MBA, highlights the services and resources that are available through PanCAN.

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    The Essentials of Nutrition and Digestive Health in Pancreatic Cancer

    A discussion on the value of nutrition and top considerations for improving patients’ well-being throughout the pancreatic cancer journey with Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Shea, RN, BSN, OCN; and Rachel Wong, RD, CSO, LD. Patricia Reilly, a patient advocate, previous caregiver, and holistic nutrition expert, provides input on complementary medicine and the role of a caregiver in managing obstacles that can affect a patient’s diet.

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    Pulling Back the Curtain: The Unmet Needs of Patients with GI Cancer

    In this special CURE Connections® program, broadcast live at The Ruesch Center for the Cure of GI Cancers, Philippa Cheetham, MD, Martha Raymond, Craig Lustig, and Paula Rothenberg discuss results of a brief survey, conducted by the GI Cancers Alliance, that have helped advocates to better understand the unmet needs of gastrointestinal cancer patients and survivors.

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    Epidemiologic, Environmental, and Molecular Disparities in GI Cancer Among Hispanics

    Presented by Marcia Cruz-Correa, MD, PhD, AGAF, FASGE, Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry and Surgery, University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus, Adjunct Professor of Surgical Oncology MDACC, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine Johns Hopkins University.

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    The GI Cancers Alliance: A Stronger, More Unified Voice to Fight GI Cancers

    In this CURE Connections® program, Philippa Cheetham, MD, interviews key thought leaders of the GI Cancers Alliance, a coalition of organizations that have joined together to raise awareness, provide education, and accelerate the research and development of treatments in the area of gastrointestinal cancers.

  • Pishvaian Presentation image
    Colorectal Cancer: Current “Standard” Uses for Molecular Testing

    Presented by Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD, Phase I Program Director, Co-Director of the Ruesch Cener Pancreatic Cancer Program, Assistant Professor, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University.

  • Salem Presentation image
    A Paradigm Shift From One-Size-Fits-All to Tailor-Made Therapy for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

    Presented by Mohamed E. Salem, MD, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

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    Cancer Cachexia in GI Malignancies

    Presented by Vincent J. Picozzi Jr., MD, Director of the Pancreas Center of Excellence, Virginia Mason Medical Center's Digestive Disease Institute.

  • Jobin Presentation image
    The Many Facets of Microbiota in Cancer

    Presented by Christian Jobin, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition, University of Florida College of Medicine.

  • El-Khoueiry Presentation image
    The Emerging Role of Immunotherapy in the Treatment of HCC

    Presented by Anthony El-Khoueiry, MD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Medical Director of Clinical Investigations Support Office, Phase I Program Director, USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center.

  • Pishvaian Presentation image
    Precision Medicine: The Potential for Identifying Personalized Therapies for Patients with Gastro-Esophageal Cancer

    Presented by Michael Pishvaian, MD, PhD, Phase I Program Director, Co-Director of the Ruesch Cener Pancreatic Cancer Program, Assistant Professor, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University.

  • Kim Presentation image
    Strategies to Induce Immunogenicity in Microsatellite Stable Colorectal Cancer

    Presented by Sunnie Kim, MD, GI Oncologist, Assistant Professor, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University.

  • Leveque Prsentation image
    Immunotherapy for GI Cancer

    Presented by Joe Leveque, MD, Chief Medical Officer at EMD Sereno, Inc.

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    Immunotherapy for GI Cancer: Pipe Dream or Dream Come True?

    Presented by Louis Weiner, MD, Director, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Chair, Department of Oncology, Georgetown University School of Medicine.